Southeastern Tarot Artists and Readers Conference 2021

January 22 – 24, 2021, Online Hosted by Accelevents!

Tarot, Divination, Mysticism, Art, and Magic

StaarCon 2021

Welcome to StaarCon 2021! Please plan to join us for a very special conference.

Immerse yourself in tarot, cartomancy, astrology, mystical art and magical happenings. Meet and study with some of the world’s most influential teachers, artists and authors. 

If you are ready to deepen your understanding of tarot, divination and metaphysics, StaarCon is the right event for you. 

Starting in 2022 StaarCon will be held at the Doubletree Executive Meeting Center in Palm Beach Gardens in, just minutes from Palm Beach International Airport. 

Because of Coronavirus complications, StaarCon 2021 will be held  virtually. Our StaarCon 2022 will be hybrid, both in person and virtual!

Countdown to StaarCon 2021








StaarMart Metaphysical Fair

StaarCon includes StaarMart, an online psychic fair complete with an eclectic list of vendors, readers and eight presentations. StaarMart is open to General Admission attendees at a nominal fee, as well as Conference attendees.

Would you like to be a vendor or reader in StaarMart? Email us!

Operational Tarot with Christiana Gaudet, a Special Preconference Intensive

Friday, January 22, 9:30-5:30. Join us for a special preconference day presented by Christiana Gaudet .


Our topics include tarot, Lenormand, Kipper, oracle cards, astrology, meditation, healing and magic. All sessions are presented by experienced and acclaimed practitioners, artists, authors and teachers.

The Accelevents platform makes it easy for you to choose the presentations that are right for you. All sessions will be recorded for your later review, so you can catch up on the ones you missed.

You can view the schedule on our Accelevents Agenda page.



Woman viewing her laptop

Virtual Simulcast

Classes and workshops will be available just about everywhere! Each presentation will be available on the website live as it happens, and archived for later viewing. Attend one class in person and view a competing class later on the web! You don’t miss a single workshop due to scheduling conflicts.

Bundles and day passes will include a login to view the member website videos for no additional cost! If you can’t attend in person you can purchase a pass to view any workshop live or in archive. Class materials will be included on the  website wherever possible.

Access to the artist’s galleries and slideshows are included with your ticket purchase. Any artwork that is available for sale can be purchased on the artist’s website and links will be provided!


Tarot Artistry

Our goal is to shine a light on the artists and deck creators of tarot and cartomancy. It is through the inspiration and talent of our artists that we are able to connect with Universal wisdom in our divination practices. At StaarCon you will have an opportunity to meet some of our most treasured artists, and to appreciate their creations.

We are excited to announce that Ciro Marchetti, Lisa Hunt, Kristine Gorman, Toni Puhle and Jaymi Elford will be among the artists present at StaarCon.


Our Presenters

It is our mission to provide you with profound educational opportunities that fit your interests and experience level. To accomplish this, we are proud to present a growing list of artists, authors and teachers who are experts in their fields. These practitioners and professionals are excited to share their passions, and ready to help you pursue yours.

These are just a few of our presenters. Check back often to see everyone!


Mary Ellen Collins

Intuitive & Life Path Messenger

Kim Danbert

Tarologist & Spiritual Educator

Jaymi Elford

Tarot Reader, Deck Creator, Author & Podcaster

Brenda Elizabeth

Meditation Instructor, Tarot Reader & Hypnotist

Serena Fox

Intuitive Holistic Reader, Artist & Designer

Beverly Frable


Christiana Gaudet

Tarot Grandmaster, Teacher & Author

Kristine Gorman

Tarot Intuitive & Artist

Mary K. Greer

Independent Scholar, Writer, Teacher & Professional Tarot Consultant

Nancy Hendrickson

Tarot Author & Healer

John Hijatt

Druid and Heathen Practitioner, Podcaster & Teacher

Fast Horse

Tarot Reader & Teacher

Micki Klein

Clairvoyant, Shamanic Astrologer & Crystal Healer

Frank Kwiatkowski

Certified Professional Life Coach, Author, Tarot Coach & Mentor

Reverend Kevin Lee

Author, Certified Spiritual Medium, Ordained Metaphysical Minister & Spiritual Business Coach

Jenna Matlin

Tarot Reader, Business Coach, Teacher & Author

Amie Mouser

Tarot, Oracle, Numerology, Life Coach, Vocal & Energy Healer

Mitchell Osborn

Tarot Reader, Medium & Animal Communicator

Toni Puhle

The Card Geek, Master Teacher, Author & Deck Creator

Gita Rash

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Artist & Oracle Deck Creator

Maria Luisa Salazar

Tarot Teacher, Tarot Reader & Author


Intuitive Mistress & Tarot BFF

Anne Stern Walner

Astro-Tarot-Numerologist, Lenormand Reader & Deck Creator & Teacher

Benebell Wen

Tarot Artist & Author

Roxie Zwicker

Reader, Intuitive & Author

Kate Mura

Theatre & Tarot Artist

Ciro Marchetti

Deck Designer, Artist

Dina Brass

Certified Life Coach, Professional Tarot Reader & Teacher, Spiritual Advisor

Madam Zee

Master Tarot Intuitive Counselor, Priestess

Marion Kirk

Tarot Professional, Intuitive, Mentor

Rose Robinson

Tarot & Lenormand Reader, Teacher, Publisher, Podcaster

Michelle Welch

Author, Intuitive Reader, Healer

David Zunker

Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Teacher & Ceremonial Magician

David Victor

Writer, Actor, Director, Tarot Reader & Psychometrist

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Pricing &  Registration

Tickets are on sale now!  Bundles are available and you can save the service fees if you purchase before midnight August 31st.

Our Sponsors

You can participate in StaarCon 2021 Online as an exhibitor with a virtual booth, and as a sponsor with a listing in the sponsor page. Exhibitor booths can optionally live stream during the entire event.

Readers with a booth can schedule remote readings during the event, using their own payment processing and communication platforms.

Vendors can list their products, and follow leads to meet new clients.

Current Exhibitors and Sponsors


Chiro Marchetti

Llewellyn Worldwide

7 Stones Publishing

Amie Mouser

Hilary Fosdal

Living Magick Publishing

Denour Lacoste


Stars on ther Loose LLC

Lady Lenormand

Pamela Steele

High Vibe Tarot

David Zunker

Micki Klein

Maria Luisa Salizar

Card and Craft, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? Send us an email!

Is StaarCon online only (virtual), in person, or both?

 StaarCon was originally planned to be in person in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Due to COVID, StaarCon 2021 is being held January 22-24 online only, on the Accelevents platform.

It is our hope that StaarCon 2022, which will be January 21 through 23, 2022, will be hybrid. That is, available in-person in Palm Beach Gardens and also broadcast online on Accelevents.


If StaarCon is online only (virtual) why is there a meal plan?

One of the great things about conferences is the ability to true new cuisine, and have meals with friends, colleagues and peers. We want to make StaarCon 2021 as much like an in-person conference as possible.

The ticket packages that include meal plans will send you Uber Eats vouchers so you don’t have to cook, and so you can enjoy a special culinary experience while attending StaarCon.


Must I buy the packages that include the meals to participate in the online lunches and dinner?

Not at all. Please feel free to grab something from your own kitchen and join us for meals!

What does the $5 General Admission Ticket get me?

The $5 General Admission ticket allows you to access the Public Track of classes. That is eight specific classes over the weekend, four each day, one of which is in Spanish.

The $5 General Admission ticket also allows you to experience our online psychic fair and shop with our vendors in our exhibition hall.  The $5 General Admission Ticket also allows you to network and chat with people in the lounges.


What are the lounges on Accelevents?

The lounges are designated areas where you can gather and meet people who share your interests. You may chat via text or video in the lounges. There will be lounges for tarot, cartomancy, and other areas of interest.

Will ticket holders have access to recorded sessions after the conference is over?

Yes! Whatever classes your ticket includes will be available to you for 30 days on the Accelevents platform.

Discussion groups, meals, and some entertainment will not be recorded to protect the privacy of participants.


I bought my ticket. What do I do now?

Click the button below to visit the Accelevents extensive help section with videos and instructions! If you still have questions please reach out to us!