Southeastern Tarot Artists and Readers Conference 2021

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Friday January 22

Preconference Track (Operational Tarot)

Creating and Managing Energy in a Tarot Reading

10:00am Christiana Gaudet

How the Seventy-Eight Cards Behave in a Tarot Reading

11:00am Christiana Gaudet

Lunch Break

12:40pm Christiana Gaudet

Tarot Reading Techniques

1:40pm Christiana Gaudet

Delivery is Everything

3:40pm Christiana Gaudet

Closing and Setting Intentions

6:10pm Christiana Gaudet

Public Track

Opening Ceremony

7:00pm Christiana Gaudet

Track 1

The Tarot Show with Kate Mura

8:00pm Kate Mura

Saturday January 23

Public Track

Blissful and Deep Meditation

10:00 Brenda Elizabeth

Styles of Tarot

11:15am Beverly Frable

Tarot Pairings: Tarot and the Bible

12:30pm Kim Danbert

Considerando Las Cartas de la Corte como el “Cómo” en Cada Situación

4:00pm (Spanish) Maria Luisa Salazar

Track 1

All-Day Divining – Using the Tarot to Practice and Play to Create a Divine Work/Life Balance

10:00am V.

Kipper Cards – A Situational Gem in Your Tarot Read

11:15am Toni Puhle

Manifesting by the Light of the Moon

12:30pm Amie Mouser

VIP Luncheon

1:30pm Christiana Gaudet

Shamanism and the Tarot

2:15pm Benebell Wen

Dancing with Angels – The Art of Oracle “Word Tango”

4:00pm Kevin Lee

The Great Epic: The Mahabarata Oracle

5:15pm Gita Rash

VIP Dinner

6:20pm Christiana Gaudet

Saturday Evening Entertainment

7:30pm Christiana Gaudet, Mitchell Osborn, Amie Mouser & V.

Evening Discussion Group: Compassion, Authenticity and Truth- The Struggle is Real

9:00pm Dina Brass

Track 2

The Magic of Connection: Using Divination to Transmute Unwanted Energy Instead of Running From It

10:00am Michelle Welch

Planetary Lithomancy: Reading Crystals in an Astrological Structure

11:15am Micki Klein

Astrology Basics for Tarot Readers

12:30pm Mary Ellen Collins

Mix and Match: Playing with Two Decks

4:00pm Jamie Elford

Bindrunes: Rune Sigils for Today

5:15pm John Hijatt

Evening Discussion Group: Lenormand Practice

9:00pm Jenna Matlin

Track 3

A Journey as the Companion of Fools

12:30pm Ciro Marchetti

Evening Discussion Group: Oracle Play

9:00pm Nancy Hendrickson

Sunday January 24

Public Track

Have Faith in How Far You Will Go with Tarot

10:00am Fast Horse

Composing Your Tarot Soundtrack

11:15am Marion Kirk

Mediumship with Tarot

12:30pm Madam Zee

Tarot Spreads and Simple Rituals to Connect with the Witch’s Year

4:00pm Rose Robinson

Closing Ceremony

6:30pm Christiana Gaudet

Track 1

Tarot Art and Artists Breakfast and Discussion

8:45am Christiana Gaudet, Ciro Marchetti & Benebell Wen

8 Keys to Practicing Tarot for Spiritual Awakening

10:00am Frank Kwiatkowski

Online Oracle Offerings

11:15am Jenna Matlin

Life Art and Story Medicine: Claim your Path and Live in Alignment using Tarot for Guidance, Confidence, Connection and Manifestation

12:30pm Serena Fox

Diving Deep into the Hanged Man

2:15pm Mary K. Greer

How to Use Tarot to Identify and Work with Destructive Family Patterns

4:00pm Nancy Hendrickson

Healing & Transformation with EMT & Tarot

5:15pm Mitchell Osborn

Track 2

Considering the Court Cards as the “How” in Every Situation

10:00am Maria Luisa Salazar

Psychic Development

11:15am Brenda Elizabeth

Lenormand Catchy Phrases

12:30pm Anne Stern Walner

Exorcisms, Demonology, and Their Relevance in Contemporary Times

5:15pm Benebell Wen

Track 3


VIP Luncheon Tarot Dinner Theater

1:30pm David Victor

Pathworking: A Qabalistic Tarot Meditation for 14 Temperance

4:00pm David Zunker

Discussion Group: The Tarot Tree

5:15pm Roxie Zwicker


The World

$499 Includes the Preconference Track, Public Track, Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 and Uber Eats vouchers worth $100.


$419 Includes the Preconference Track, Public Track, Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3.

Nine of Cups

$299 Includes the Public Track, Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 and Uber Eats vouchers worth $75.


$229 Includes the Public Track, Track 1, Track 2 and Track 3.

Ace of Wands – Saturday Only

$125 Includes all Saturday Tracks.

Ace of Wands – Sunday Only

$125 Includes all Sunday Tracks.

General Admission

$5 Includes all Public Tracks

Our schedule is subject to change without notice. Uber Eats vouchers are not required to attend the VIP dinners. Presentations will be recorded and available for viewing up to a month after the event ends, for attendees holding tickets.

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