Southeastern Tarot Artists and Readers Conference 2021

Scheduled presenters and guest speakers.

Presenters January 2021

Dina Brass

Certified Life Coach, Professional Tarot Reader & Teacher, Spiritual Advisor

Dina Brass, internationally known spiritual advisor, comes from an intuitive lineage of spiritual fluency and has been reading tarot since the age of 11. She acquired her first deck by stealing her father’s Rider Waite, and paid for it by getting suspended from school for giving readings in the library.

Flash forward to now, after overcoming homelessness, abusive relationships, and full catastrophe living, Dina utilizes her deepened understanding of her life path to give raw, real and blunt honesty through the tarot as her tool of choice. She teaches an awesome ten-week intensive tarot training and gives live readings online.

As a Certified Life Coach she provides an intuitive approach breaking down invisible barriers holding clients to their highest sense of self, specializing in shadow work, confidence building and accountability coaching.

Mary Ellen Collins

Intuitive & Life Path Messenger
Mary Ellen Collins is an intuitive and a life path messenger who has a personal mission to explore the world of spirituality and pass that information on to others. Mary Ellen combines her passion for metaphysics and her gift for communication to create insightful readings to help her clients understand their current path in life and make informed and empowered choices. 

She has been reading and teaching tarot for over a decade and also works with an oracle based on the ancient method of divination known as lithomancy; the Crystal Oracle. Mary Ellen teaches tarot and crystal workshops throughout South Florida and has presented workshops at tarot conferences nationally as well.  Most recently she had become a novice astrologer to further her ability to serve as a messenger to others. 

Kim Danbert

Tarologist & Spiritual Educator
Kim Danbert is known internationally for her spiritual gifts, which include seeing auras, Tarot reading, and connecting with the spiritual world.

Kim has been conducting psychic readings professionally for 38 years.

Having served on the Board of Directors of the International Tarot Society, Kim was a featured presenter at the World Tarot Congress in Chicago in May, 2002. She has received certificates from the Tarot School’s Reader’s Studio in 2003 and 2019, and from Tarot Reader’s Academy.

Kim leads a monthly tarot group and produces psychic fairs near her home in Melbourne, Florida.

Jaymi Elford

Tarot Reader, Deck Creator, Author & Podcaster
Jaymi Elford discovered her first deck at 13 and has been reading for others since then. You can find her slinging cards at parties, events, or in one- on-one sessions with clients. Tarot is Jaymi’s personal inner compass. She reads the cards for herself to seek guidance and gain insight. When it comes to living a tarot inspired life, Jaymi has a simple philosophy: clear the clutter, locate your anchor, and allow magic into all aspects of your world.

Not only is Jaymi an accomplished reader, she’s a respected member of the international Tarot community. She has taught at Readers Studio, BATS, and the NorthWest Tarot Symposium (NWTS). Jaymi also produces various other tarot media — writing and editing books on Tarot, crafting innovative essays for magazines, and she has an addiction to producing little white books for other decks. Lo Scarabeo published her first deck, Triple Goddess Tarot in 2017. Llewellyn Worldwide released her first book, Tarot Inspired Life, in 2019. She is the co-host of two podcasts Tarot Visions, with Rose Red, and Cardslingers Coast to Coast with Melissa Cynova and Hilary Parry Haggerty.

Brenda Elizabeth

Meditation Instructor, Tarot Reader & Hypnotist
Brenda Elizabeth hosts monthly meditation classes in South Florida and teaches a variety of spiritual subjects.  She believes we are all blessed with intuitive ability and it is her goal to help others develop their gifts.

Brenda Elizabeth is a Yoga Nidra meditation instructor, a certified Hypnotist, and a CPA.

Serena Fox

Serena Fox

Intuitive Holistic Reader, Artist & Designer
Serena (Bean) is an intuitive reader, artist, herbcrafter, designer, homesteader and inspirational spirit. She offers courses, workshops and Sharing Circles—in person and online. Her style is holistic and personal, using correspondences to guide, initiate and empower. She manages a spiritual website where you can book readings, a personal website and blog, and a homesteading blog. She is a writer and designer having contributed to The Cartomancer and American Tarot Association.

Beverly Frable

Beverly Frable’s passion is divination; her focus is tarot, one of the most popular divination tools.  As a professional tarot consultant, Beverly has attended events throughout the United States, traveling from New York to California enhancing her skills studying under such luminaries such as Rachel Pollack, Mary K. Greer, Camelia Elias, Enrique Enriquez, Rana George, Carrie Paris and many other renowned divination experts. 

In addition, Beverly has presented at numerous conference events and has taught divination classes for local metaphysical groups. 

Christiana Gaudet

Tarot Grandmaster, Teacher & Author
Christiana Gaudet has been a full-time tarot professional for more than twenty-five years. She offers readings, coaching, and mentoring by phone, webcam, and in-person from her office in Palm City, Florida, and during tours to the Northeast, and other Florida locations. 

Christiana is a popular psychic entertainer on radio and television, and at parties and special events. She is a headlining speaker at festivals and conferences throughout the country, and a sought-after teacher of tarot, personal growth and healing, and esoterica. 

Christiana’s first book, Fortune Stellar: What Every Professional Tarot Reader Needs to Know is considered an industry standard for tarot professionals. The award-winning expanded Second Edition was released in December 2017. Her second book, Tarot Tour Guide, also in its second edition, is a beloved reference for beginners and experienced tarotists alike. 

Kristine Gorman

Tarot Intuitive & Artist
Kristine Gorman created the Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery, in Sonoma CA with husband Shotsie. That’s where you will find her reading clients and oil painting her upcoming tarot deck. A culmination of a painter and tarot reader life’s work! Now a Podcast as well, her weekly radio show just celebrated 6 years live on the air. “Visionary Woman Tarot Radio Show” on KSVY 91.3 FM where she gives tarot complimentary readings to those who call in.

Kristine has presented at BATS, The Bay Area Tarot Symposium, in 2015 and NWTS Northwest Tarot Symposium, as well as her own workshops and classes in the San Francisco bay area. Her tagline is “Magic is my Day Job!” You can find her artwork at her gallery, in and on the cover of magazines nationwide!

Mary K. Greer

Independent Scholar, Writer, Teacher & Professional Tarot Consultant
Mary K. Greer has been studying and reading Tarot for the past 50 years. She is the author of eleven books on tarot and on magic. She was first to write about reading Tarot for oneself.

Mary pioneered what she called the R.I.T.E. method: “Readings that are Interactive, Transformational and Empowering.” Featured at most Tarot conferences in the U.S. and abroad, Mary travels the world teaching Tarot and Lenormand cartomancy.

In 2007, Mary received the International Tarot Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association for Tarot Studies and is a research partner in Le Tarot Associazione Culturale (Italy). She also received the 2006 Mercury Award from the Mary Redman Foundation for “excellence in communication in the metaphysical field,” and the 2006 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) award for best divination book. She is also an ordained priestess in the Fellowship and Church of Isis.

Mary currently produces “Mary K. Greer’s Tarot Blog” which focuses on tarot history and research, tarot in popular culture, and tips and techniques for reading the cards.

Nancy Hendrickson

Tarot Author & Healer
Nancy Hendrickson is a San Diego-based Tarot author and distance healing practitioner. Her book, Ancestral Tarot (Red Wheel/Weiser) will be released Spring 2021, drawing up her decades of working with those who have passed over. Nancy is also a columnist for The Cartomancer Magazine, writing about little-known, eclectic, and pop culture Tarot decks.

Over the prior forty years, Nancy has worked with Tarot as well as numerology, forging a spiritual path that continues to today. Her blog, Sage and Shadow, focuses on Tarot techniques, spreads, and evolving philosophies.

John Hijatt

Druid and Heathen Practitioner, Podcaster & Teacher
John Hijatt is an inclusive practitioner of Northern Germanic paganism. He has been a part of the Druid and Heathen communities since 2006, currently serves on the board of The Troth (an international inclusive Heathen organization of which he has served as the acting president), and facilitates his local Heathen kindred.

In 2016, he started the Gifts of the Wyrd podcast with topics and interviews about inclusive Heathenry. He has worked with runes since 2009 and teaches workshops about their meanings, divination, and magickal use.

He has had articles published in journals printed by Ar nDraiocht Fein and The Troth as well as The Cartomancer magazine. He is currently working on a writing project for using runes in magickal practice.

Fast Horse

Tarot Reader & Teacher
Fast Horse believes to teach Tarot and be of service is the greatest honor.

He has read Tarot Cards for clients all over the world, at fairs, expos, and corporate affairs across the United States. At a very young age, Fast Horse was drawn to study and practice the Oglala Lakota culture and has spent time on the Pine Ridge Reservation where he received his spirit name of Fast Horse. He still honors and practices these traditions.

Fast Horse’s gifts of insight have been with him from an early age when we realized he could see auras and spirit guides. He uses tarot cards as a tool to help people find peace in their lives.

Marion Kirk

Tarot Professional, Intuitive, Mentor

Marion Kirk has been a tarot professional for over fifteen years. She is a fourth generation intuitive and continues her family tradition of working with methods of divination, in particular tarot from her office in Glasgow, Scotland. She provides consultations and mentoring to a worldwide clientele.

She has contributed to The Esotoracle Magazine and creates content for her YouTube Channel. One of her many passions includes working with the Fae in the beautiful Scottish Countryside where there are many sacred spaces for magical workings.

Micki Klein

Clairvoyant, Shamanic Astrologer & Crystal Healer
Micki Klein, of Dallas, combines her natural intuitive talents with her years of training and experience in astrology, tarot, and other modalities. She works to assist clients in all areas of their personal and professional development.

Micki is an astrology teacher. She has developed an exciting and unique divination system called Planetary Lithomancy. This involves reading crystals that represent planets in an astrological structure.

Frank Kwiatkowski

Certified Professional Life Coach, Author, Tarot Coach & Mentor
Frank Kwiatkowski is a certified professional life coach and author of Rise & Shine: A Guide for Experiencing Your Midlife Awakening. He uses tarot as the foundation for his daily sacred mindfulness practice, and serves others as Tarot Coach and Mentor, assisting them to awaken to their intuitive gifts and live with greater purpose.

Frank teaches an online tarot course and facilitates local classes and workshops, including the “Magical Tarot Lab”, a series for tarot creation. He recently presented “Tarot & Synchronicity” to the Center for Jungian Studies of South Florida. Frank is currently having fun with the Beatles Song Tarot Project, working toward corresponding a tarot card to every song by the fabbest, greatest band of all time, The Beatles.

He lives with his wife, Dawn, and their three cats near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Reverend Kevin Lee

Author, Certified Spiritual Medium, Ordained Metaphysical Minister & Spiritual Business Coach
For over 14 years, Reverend Kevin Lee was the Senior Minister of his successful Center of Light in Fort Lauderdale known as the Metaphysical Chapel of South Florida where he hosted annually upwards of 140 events by metaphysical speakers from across the globe. During this time, he began presenting his paranormal research into Precipitation Mediumship as rare articles on the subject matter. Several can be found with The Otherside Press (online magazine) and in Dr. Raymond Moody’s website, Life after Life. 

 He is currently the USA Director with the International Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigations (ISSMPI). A published author of one book, Voices of Spirit, Kevin is actively courting publishers with his second Metaphysical book proposal for Living a Psychic Life. He has also professionally produced two fully channeled meditation albums, Divine Oneness Meditations and Precipitation Mediumship: Empowering Spirit’s Artistry (Academically, he holds dual certifications as a Nurse Anesthetist and a Nurse Practitioner. 

Ciro Marchetti

Deck Designer & Artist

Ciro Marchetti is an award-winning artist from the United Kingdom. He studied art in London, followed by a career working in Europe and South America before settling in the United States where he opened a design agency in Miami. In addition to managing his company, Ciro also gives workshops and lectures on digital imagery and illustration at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute, and continues to create his own visionary art.

Ciro published his first tarot deck, Gilded Tarot, in 2004. Since then he has published many beloved tarot decks, a Lenormand deck, a Kipper deck and an oracle deck.

Ciro’s work has helped define modern cartomancy over the past seventeen years.

Jenna Matlin

Tarot Reader, Business Coach, Teacher & Author
Jenna Matlin provides intuitive readings based on empowerment, clarity and choice while honoring spirit. She has a Master of Science in Organizational Psychology and Performance Consulting and Coaching, which enables her to use both practical and esoteric tools to create a truly empowering session. 

In addition to providing intuitive Tarot consultations, Jenna teaches classes on tarot, divination, intuition and also provides business coaching to other spiritual entrepreneurs. 

Jenna is the author of Have Tarot Will Travel and Have Tarot Will Party, both available on Amazon. Jenna won ‘Best of Philadelphia 2019 Spiritual Guru’ as well as Tarosophist of the Year’ by the Tarot Association in 2016. 

Jenna actively teaches and speaks at conferences throughout the US as well as internationally. 

Amie Mouser

Reader, Life & Vocal Coach, Producer, Biz & Social Media Developer

Amie Mouser is a healer who wears quite a few hats!

Her passion is empowering and unlocking healing within people; then helping them birth their dreams into reality. She uses the tools of Tarot, music, life coaching, vocal coaching, and mediumship to empower people, help them find clarity, and manifest their dreams. Amie has been coaching for nearly 3 decades. She provides services to clients globally and is a popular presenter at international conferences and local gatherings.

Amie built her first successful business at the age of 11, and she hasn’t looked back since. She is a podcast producer who also scales events, businesses, and individuals. She also provides social media management and moderation.

During intermissions between clients and projects, Amie can be found with her husband Ryan homeschooling their three children, making music together, creating art, photography, cooking huge vegan meals, and laughing a lot!

Kate Mura


Kate Mura is a theatre and Tarot artist. She knows creating other worlds is possible because it has been her craft for over thirty-five years. It’s her quest in life & art to inspire the world she wants to live in, one beautiful, supportive and sustainable through tragedy and pain.

Consequently, Group Tarot has two deep guiding principles which can be summed up by b.e.e.s. and b.e.s.t. Meaning we work to co-create a world which is Beautiful, Equitable, Ethical, and Sustainable. And a Beautiful, Equitable, Sustainable world must also be Timely. From across the US, to England, France and Australia, Group Tarot brings people together illuminating how the individual and group paths align.

Mitchell Osborn

Tarot Reader, Medium & Animal Communicator
Mitchell Osborn is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, Tarot Card Reader and Mindfulness Transformation Coach. He’s been working globally and professionally for over 10 years. 

Mitchell works remotely via the internet as well as in person to help navigate his clients in identifying soul-level solutions for balance, harmony, wellness, enlightenment and growth, all to raise their personal vibration. He uses a humorous, direct and compassionate approach in his sessions and wants his clients and students to recognize the world of energy around them and be able to make their own confident empowered decisions from an intuitively informed centered and balanced place.  

Toni Puhle

The Card Geek, Master Teacher, Author & Deck Creator
Toni Puhle is the author of The Card Geek’s Guide to Kipper, and creator of The Card Geek’s Kipper.
Toni has researched and studied the traditional systems of Lenormand, Kipper and Gypsy Cards in England, France and Germany. She lives a stone’s throw from Munich where the first Kipper Deck was released and not far from the roots of the Game of Hope in Nuremberg. The last 10 years Toni has focused on Kipper Cards and how they have been read in Bavaria meeting amazing generational readers and families who pass down the art of reading Kipper. Toni teaches students around the world the art of system reading and how to return to their roots to create an amazing predictive read.

Gita Rash

Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Artist & Oracle Deck Creator
Gita Rash is a psychic medium utilizing her knowledge of tarot, runes, numerology, palmistry, and Vedic astrology to guide people and help them with questions on health, relationships, etc. As an AFAA certified fitness instructor, she teaches and emphasizes yoga and meditation as a way of life. Being an avid dreamer, she is also a dream coach and interpreter. Her oracle deck, “The Mahabharata Oracle” was created through divine inspiration.
She has been deeply tuned to all things esoteric from an early age. As the daughter of a proficient palmist, she has imbibed a deep knowledge and passion for the metaphysical realm.

Rose Robinson

Tarot & Lenormand Reader, Teacher, Publisher, Podcaster

Rose Robinson has been working with Tarot for over 25 years. She has co-hosted The Tarot Visions Podcast for the last 7 years. She has worked in Tarot Publishing at Tarot Media Company. She has hosted successful Meetup Groups in San Francisco and Fremont. She has presented at various Tarot, Pagan, and Sci-Fi Conferences over the last 15 years.

She recently co-authored a multi artists Tarot deck, Vox Arcana, with Jaymi Elford and is working on her first book. She teaches and reads Tarot and Lenormand in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Maria Luisa Salazar

Tarot Teacher, Tarot Reader & Author
María Luisa Salazar teaches, lectures and writes about tarot in both English and Spanish.

She is the author of the book Tarot el Puente Entre las Mentes, in English, Tarot, the Bridge Between Minds.

From her business, Los Misterios del Tarot, in Lima Perú, she offers tarot readings and instruction, and produces videos for her YouTube channel.

Maria’s tarot reading style uses coaching techniques to help her clients create positive possibilities.

Maria has lectured in the UK, Bolivia and Peru, and is excited to bring Los Misterios del Tarot to the United States.


Intuitive Mistress & Tarot BFF
V. is a relatively new face in the world of mainstream divination, but is quickly climbing the ranks to become a household name. She is the Intuitive Mistress behind RedLight Readings and is commonly referred to as “The Tarot BFF”. Delivering wisdom and insight through “straight-shot, no chaser” readings, her BFF clientele likens her reading style to that of a best friend – down to earth and practical, infused with empowering tough love.

V. is a teacher of Tarot and Lenormand and hosts classes in the Metro-Detroit area as well as online. She reads and teaches professionally at the Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, MI.

V. posts daily readings (“V. w/ The Tea”) on Instagram, has been a guest and interviewed on various podcasts, contributed to written publications, and is working on her first book.

Photo of StaarCon Presenter David Victor

David Victor

Writer, Actor, Director, Tarot Reader & Psychometrist

David Victor is a writer, actor, director and broadcaster from Hamilton, Ontario.  Some of his work which has been produced in Canada includes:  the high-tech, multi-media, stage production “The Human Touch” at Hamilton’s Theatre Aquarius as well as a four-city tour, the metaphysical psychodrama “The Return of Michael” and two short dramatic films, “Little Sister” and “Table Stakes”.  Staged readings have included:  the comedy about surviving hard times “The Pizza Chronicles”, and the reincarnation thriller “All Things In Time”.  Since his relocation to South Florida, he has had public readings at Caldwell Theatre in Boca Raton, Actors’ Playhouse in Coral Gables, Mosaic Theatre in Plantation, and Hollywood Playhouse in Hollywood, FL.  On film, the short comedy “A Much Too Open House” won Best Florida Short at the 2005 Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival plus Best in Show at the 2006 Gem City Film Festival near St. Augustine, Florida.  His short film, “75 Cents”, won Audience Choice for Best Drama at the 2012 Lake Worth Film Festival.  He has also won 3 Telly Awards for corporate videos and television commercials.  On his spiritual side, David is a Reiki Master, Tarot Reader and Psychometrist (Psychic Touch).

Anne Stern Walner

Astro-Tarot-Numerologist, Lenormand Reader & Deck Creator & Teacher
Anne Stern Walner identifies herself as an Astro-Tarot-Numerologist because she integrates all three elements into her interpretations and explanations. Anne has condensed her decades of research and practical experience into some very easy, accessible techniques in her unique Astro-Tarot-Numerology Wheel.

Anne has been a speaker, teacher, and presenter at conferences and private events, where she shares her perspective, viewpoints, and knowledge with eager students and audiences.

In addition to Numerology, Anne has performed over 5,000 Lenormand readings and created her own deck, Time for Lenormand.  Her newest project is a Lenoracle Wisdom Deck. This is a companion, ancillary, and supportive deck to pair with any of your Lenormand cards.

Michelle Welch

Author, Intuitive Reader, Healer

Michelle Welch (Dallas, TX) is the author of The Magic of Connection published by Llewellyn Worldwide. She recently appeared on the Jenny McCarthy Show and The Morning After television show. She is also the owner and operator of the SoulTopia LLC, metaphysical stores, where she provides intuitive readings and healing sessions in addition to teaching classes on crystals, tarot, energy work, and intuition.

She has also presented at Readers Studio, the Northwest Tarot Symposium, the World Divination Association, and the International New Age Trade Show.

A former lawyer, Michelle is also the host of the SoulWhat podcast and the Michelle SoulTopia YouTube channel. She is also an ordained minister and holds many certificates in various divination and healing modalities.

Benebell Wen

Tarot Artist & Author
Benebell Wen is the author of Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth, which was shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer Award, and The Tao of Craft: Fu Talismans and Casting Sigils in the Eastern Esoteric Traditions, both published by North Atlantic Books (2015 and 2016 respectively). She is also the creator of the Spirit Keeper’s Tarot, which won the Judges Choice Award for Best Tarot Deck from the 2019 International Tarot Foundation CARTA Awards and Best Author of a Tarot Deck.

Wen has presented at the Bay Area Theosophical Society, San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, PantheaCon, Readers Studio, the UK Tarot Conference in London, and the Masters of the Tarot Conference at the Omega Institute. Reading tarot for others has always been her first passion. When not immersed in metaphysical studies, Wen is a practicing attorney licensed in California and New York.

Madam Zee

Master Tarot Intuitive Counselor, Priestess

Madame Zee is a female empowerment leader who has been involved in the Wiccan and Pagan communities for over 25+ years, teaching women how to live a more witchy and enchanted lifestyle.

She is the Head Priestess as the Master your Magick High Priestess Academy and runs an online Witchy School.

Her Magickal ability is to show Witches how to remove the “BS & fluff” out of Witchcraft so they can get to Witchin’ FAST!

Madame Zee is a Master Tarot Intuitive Counselor and has read for many clients as well as a practitioner at the largest Metaphysical Store in the U.S. Her readings will empower you, show you the right direction to take, & identity energies that you need to release.

David Zunker

Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Teacher & Ceremonial Magician
Hi, I am David Zunker. I am a life-long mystic. I have been doing Astrology and Tarot for over 40 years. My life has been a spiritual journey. I came out of a large suburban Catholic family, where I communicated with my Guardian Angel as a child. I began my study of Astrology at 17. My involvement with Tarot began in my early 20s. At 27 I was fortunate to meet my teacher of Qabalistic Ceremonial White Magic. Ms. Squires was a member of The Servants of the Light and involved in the Vancouver Theosophical Society. I was taught and initiated in Wicca in the 1993 through the Order of the Star Sapphire. I now identify as a Goddess Primary Pagan Priest.

All the while I developed a forty-year career in Community Services, working in service to the disabled and marginalized. And I am a devoted family-man. I bring 40 years of experience as a Reader, a down to Earth perspective, and awareness of what lies beyond the veil of our 3D material plane to your Reading.

I am a co-founder of Serendipity Celestial College, which began as a Ceremonial Magic Study Group in Vancouver in 1985, and continues with classes and events. I teach Astrology, Tarot, meditation, and Qabalistic Ceremonial Magic.

I enjoy providing ritual events and workshops, which are not lectures, rather they are participatory and provide attendees with a spiritual experience. From a small group in my living room to employee training sessions to hundreds of participants at festivals such as Shambhala Music Festival and Lucidity Transformational Festival, I endeavour to open hearts and minds.

Roxie Zwicker

Reader, Intuitive & Author
Roxie Zwicker has been connecting with spirits all her life. A gifted reader and intuitive for over 30 years, she has been a sought-after speaker and teacher on metaphysical topics throughout the Northeast for over 15 years. Roxie is the proprietor of New England Curiosities, a tour and event company based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She reads out of her space the Divinity Lounge in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and at select events throughout the east coast.  Her style of reading is empowering, with a strong magical foundation.  Featured on the Travel Channel, History Channel, NECN and Chronicle, she is the published author of seven books on New England folklore, as well as the hostess of the hit podcast “Wicked Curious Radio.” Roxie is also the author and creatrix behind the Memento Mori Oracle deck being released in 2020.